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Valuations: Giving your firm the value it deserves

Valuation of your firms assets, patent, and corporation are the key to monetising your firm through IPOs, Listings, Bond and Equity offerings.

Our Corporate Valuation team made up of past Ernst & Young executives offers companies access to the largest valuation firms in the world at small business affordable pricing.

Valuations Include:

–          Share Price Valuation (Common and Preferred Stock)

–          Corporate Valuation

–          Business Valuation

–          Intellectual Property Valuation

–          Intangible Assets Valuation

–          Bond Valuation and Rating

–          Partner Interests Valuation

–          Private Debt Valuation

–          Options Valuation

–          Warrants Valuation

–          Derivative Products Valuation

Clients engage our firm for services of which a Valuation is mandatory, there services include:

–          AA Rated Bond Formation (Valuation of assets and Corporation for insurer)

–          Listing on the GXG Markets (Valuation Required for Market Cap)

–          Listing on the Plus Markets (Valuation required for opening price and firms value)

–          Listing on the AIM Markets (Justifies the price the NOMAD gives on listing on the LSE)

–          Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Justifies the capital paid in and value of the assets)

–          Mergers and Acquisitions (Justifying the fair value of the transaction and ensuring the highest value for the assets)

–          Share Price Setting for Private Placements (The valuation justifies the price of which the share price is set for private placements, offering memorandums, and prospectus document offerings)

–          Prospectus Document Writing (When preparing prospectus documents for BAFIN “German Prospectus” writing, prospectus documents for FSA for “UK Prospectus” writing, and other jurisdictions for prospectus writing, the valuation sets the share price, the content and value of the firm in the prospectus, and sets the fair market value.)


A client with a technology patent in the construction market required a valuation for the purpose of listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The firm required capital for a loan and for justifying equity placements. The valuation was returned for 2.2 billion euro, allowing the loan, bond formation, and market capital justification of 1 billion euro.

If you are interested in listing on the Frankfurt, AIM, Cyprus, Canadian Stock Exchanges in forming a prospectus, making an offering of your shares, or building a AA Rated Bond to raise capital for your firm, you need to contract our corporate valuation advisors within the Business Listings Group (BLGsortium.

Contact today if you are interested in valuations, listing, and raising capital.