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Create a constant collaboration between our clients and us. Our clients will choose the services that they need according to their necessities and demands; hence, we place the interest of our clients above all other considerations, to devote ourselves to each one individually in the fulfilment of their requirements by providing our clients tailor made solutions, through our proprietary opportunities as well as through the agency agreements with prestigious banks, financial institutions and private investors.

Perform as a first class financial boutique that is: “BIG WHERE IT HELPS (Through proprietary opportunities as well as agency agreements with prestigious banks, financial institutions and private investors), but SMALL WHERE IT MATTERS.”

Keep things simple!
Our full-service one-stop Investment Bank allows for you to go through listing your firm and financing quickly and effectively, and it allows our asset management division to have access to prime opportunities that can only be accessed within our network. Our philosophy is to bring in the big connections to your venture and take a custom small boutique approach to consulting with your business to grow. As your firm becomes a Fortune 500 firm, our firm gains the benefit of a large client. Your firm is not too small, we can handle 250,000 euro to 1 billion euro in transactions.

Build people and build businesses!
Structure is an essential component to doing business in Europe, whether it is through our German listings, UK listings, or Danish Listings, the right structure defines the success of your business.  Our collaboration with leading German Specialists, Sponsors, Investment Banks, and Investors connected to the top of the German Investment Banking community allows us to move your firm from start-up to Fortune 500 company. In addition, our Management, Staff, and skilled professional trainers work with the people in your business to understand where growth is required in human skills and milestones in order to increase share value through an equity story strategy.

Work with Professionals:
Many unlicensed consultants claim to be a one-stop shop, but this is simply not possible. In addition, several promotional firms take company shares for services they can’t deliver, which hurts businesses. Not every business can profile a bad consultant versus a professional accept by their designation in the industry. Business Listings Group (BLG) has the authority to work with your firm for listing. We can provide your firm with all of the connections you will need in Germany and the German speaking euro-economic countries, as well as Europe in General. With offices in the UK, Luxembourg, Germany, and Spain there is very few consultants or broker dealers who can compare to our market penetration and professionalism.  In addition, we only work with professionals, which saves the clients the issue or piecing together services from several providers, where one could make a mistake choosing an unlicensed broker, law firm, investment firm, claiming to be able to deliver the same as a professional firm like BLG. Work with the professionals, we are waiting for your call.

You are not Alone!
This philosophy is for the client who is never left alone, as some consulting firms seem to list and run. We provide a full package service offering to the clients, so that they do not feel alone. Our strategic investor relations, investment management, and financing business units consistently work with our clients to form the best opportunities for success catered to their size and capacity. With an elite group of service providers globally, clients can access everything from finance, to outsourced sales, marketing, and IT. Clients never feel alone, because they are part of our consortium.

We do not accept every company!
There is a qualification process for listing on the Berlin Stock Exchange. We provide a free evaluation of your firm, in addition to a free “pre-valuation” of what your firm’s market cap would be from a licensed valuation firm. Thus, we can tell you if you qualified and what your market capitalisation will be and the amount of money you will likely be able to raise! If you do not qualify for a listing, there may be additional services that can be offered to private companies who would like to incubate their business to a standard and structure capable of listing.

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